Property Law

Our role is to ensure that your interests are protected and that any property transaction be as quick and efficient as possible. We will provide you with independent legal advice and help throughout the process.

Buying and selling property

If you are buying or selling a house. We understand sale and purchase agreements and we are used to the conveyancing work associated with these transactions.

We can also assist you to refinance your property either to provide a mortgage to a new bank and/or vary the existing mortgage to your bank or lending organization. We ensure your interests are protected in all matters relating to settlement.


Personal guarantees

Often when borrowing money, the lender may seek a personal guarantee from a third party in the event of default by the borrower. These people are called guarantors. Guarantors agree to repay a debt another person incurred if that person fails to meet the terms of the guarantee. If the person goes bankrupt or cant pay their debts, the creditor will seek to recover what is owed from the guarantor. Professional advice should be sought as to the risks and implications of any default on the guarantor.

The Range of services provided by The Law Store include: 

Sale & Purchase of Residential/ Advice for Sale & Purchase Agreements Pre-purchase Advice (Title searches, checking for any encumbrances on the title. Purchase Occupation Licences/ Unit Titles for retirees. Property Sharing Agreements, Refinance Mortgage VariationsTransfer of Title/ Property between parties  GiftingTrust Property Matters, Rectification of incorrect titles, First Home Buyer Kiwisaver withdrawals from Kiwisaver Schemes, First Home Deposit Subsidies from Housing NZ Corporation.