Immigration Law

Immigration related matters can be complex and confusing to many people. We recognise that immigration to New Zealand is highly desirable but can often be a stressful, complex and time consuming process. The stakes are high and the cost of failure could be severe. As such our immigration services need to be treated with the highest priority and the greatest of care.


The Law Store offers the highest level of advice and expertise in the following areas:

* Assessment to ensure that the goal, be it a visitor visa or residence, is realistic and achievable;
* Representation for and assistance with applications for all visa categories;
* Immigration assistance for employers with recruitment and to protect against breaches of the Immigration Act;
* Long Term Business Visa applications including assistance in business plans and associated legal, taxation and regulatory work relating to the  immigrants business;
* Representation and assistance for those facing removal action
* Advice in relation to sponsorship obligations;
* Assistance where needed in cases involving medical or character issues.


Early intervention to identify medical conditions or criminal convictions, or visa officers misapplying the instructions.Quick intervention can often save an application from being declined.