Family Law


Separation is never easy, especially when it leaves behind unresolved practical issues such as, who will get the family home, car or property generally. The situation becomes even more complicated when children are involved. This is where an experienced, quality lawyer from The Law Store will be of great assistance to you. We listen to your individual needs.  

No matter how complicated your issues may seem, we can help. Rest assured you will be in capable hands.



When partners with children separate, there are some important issues to be decided, such as:

- Who is going to be the primary carer of the children? 
- How will financial support continue for the children? 
- How are guardianship matters going to be resolved? 

Guardianship matters include where your child lives, where they go to school, medical treatment and other big decisions.

Parenting agreements or parenting orders can help set out these arrangements. If both you and your partner agree on these issues, the lawyers at The Law Store can prepare a parenting agreement or apply to the Family Court to make a parenting order. Sometimes, it is difficult for agreement to be reached. The Law Store can help you through the process whether or not you are able to communicate or agree with your ex-partner.


Domestic Violence

If you or someone you know is at immediate risk, call 111. You can also call the Women’s Refuge crisis line on 0800 733 843

Domestic violence includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, and psychological and emotional abuse (which includes making threats, damaging your property, intimidation, harassment and controlling behaviour). It also includes economic abuse, which means restricting or controlling your money and how you spend it. All of these are forms of abuse. If your partner, ex-partner, or anyone else you live with or used to live with is behaving like this, there are ways you can get help.

The Law Store can talk to you through these issues and can also help you apply for a protection order. A protection order can be enforced by the police and can help prevent you or your children from being harmed.

If the matter involves domestic violence, you may not have to pay lawyer fees.

There may be costs relating to parenting and other matters. Call us on 04 237 5800 to ask about costs.

We advise you that there may be a $50 fee to apply for Legal Aid. See below for extra information regarding Legal Aid.


Oranga Tamariki

(The Ministry for Vulnerable Children)

Formerly CYPS, Oranga Tamariki (The Ministry for Vulnerable Children) deals with care and protection issues relating to children. The Law Store is experienced in dealing with matters concerning The Ministry’s involvement, and can represent you in your dealings with The Ministry.


Legal Aid

If you cannot afford a lawyer, you may be able to get one through Legal Aid. The Law Store lawyers are all available through Legal Aid, and can help you apply if you come to see us. Call us on 04 237 5800 to talk to us about Legal Aid and whether or not you may be eligible. 

We advise that there is always a $50 fee to apply for legal aid.